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We provide one-stop solution of  silicone parts, plastic products and metal molds.

Why choose Xuzhuo Industrial?

We can offer a range of products with hot forming process. Also, they include watch bands, silicone products, plastic parts and metal parts. While, Xuzhuo Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2010. Furthermore, we have rich experience in handling orders for customer. And we have professional process.

First of all, the order management system is sound. Above all, before our customers place orders, we can sign a confidentiality agreement. Certainly, we sign it or not according to their requirements. Also, we have stable raw material purchasing and favorable orders follow-up management. Furthermore, we have strict quality control during the production of structural components. Finally, we also provide remarkable after-sale service. And it’s mainly to achieve your maximum satisfaction.

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Featured Products

Xuzhuo Industrial CO., LTD is a multiplex factory. Because we manufacture various products with thermoforming process. Even more, our featured products include earphones, watch straps and silicone phone case.

Certainly, we always devote ourselves on products upgrading and innovation. Above all, one-station service is provided from design, production and quality guarantee.


Our mission is realizing high customer satisfaction, and even exceeding your expectation. Xuzhuo Industrial is a professional factory with 8 years history. We work with you at every stage of the forming process and provide one-stop solution of structural members.
On the one hand, you can design the structural components by yourself or send us a sample, our engineer will produce what you want by following it. If you need ODM service, our design team is always ready to help. They use the latest techniques and software to simulate and test product designs, allowing creative thinking and innovative concepts. It’s our pleasure to modify the drawing until you are satisfied.

We insist on continuous innovation and return our customer’s support with providing the best products. Certainly, we support the innovation of our customers. If you are developing a new structural member, we can sign a confidentiality agreement to keep it secret.
For raw material, we have professional purchasing team to reach stable material control. Our engineer put forward professional advice and provide solutions when there is any problem or design change during the whole manufacturing process. Then we can help to arrange the delivery. After the structural components are put into use, if there is any question, you are free to contact our engineer for expertise. We work to the highest standards to ensure a high-quality structural member.

The predecessor of Xuzhuo Industrial is Qun Jian Rubber & Plastic Technology, it was established in 2010. Xuzhuo Industrial is a professional and diversified factory, our main products include watch bands, silicone products, plastic parts and metal molds.
Until now, the company has about 200 employees, including mold development designer, manufacturing engineer and strong management teams. Most of our designer and engineer have more than 10 years experience in field. Besides, we have a full range of production and testing equipment. For example, there are injection molding machine, plastic machine, oil press machine, clean machine and so on.

We have design team with rich experience of hot form, they use the latest techniques and software to serve you better. They can design the structural components according to the idea of  your development team or by themselves. Our technical team is flexible, they can provide many possibilities when you need a customized product or there is a special project.
Engineers in Xuzhuo Industrial are always passionate, they devote themselves on realizing a perfect design, but not only a product. If there is any problem during the forming process, they can provide great solutions. You will feel more comfortable and pleasant than ever while working with us.

Xuzhuo Industrial is an independent structural members manufacturer, we are not part of any group. It allows us to be more flexible in dealing with problems and we can work without constraint. Our flexibility means that if there is any change during the whole manufacturing process, we can try our best to meet your needs. We can change details, deadlines and deliveries of structural components according to your requirement.
We are a trusted partner who provide high quality structural members with hot formed process. Our factory locate in Guangdong, China. You are welcomed to visit our facilities for a tour. It’s our pleasure to introduce our company to you face to face and establish mutual trust.

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Trusted Partners

In general, we are regarded as a trusted partner by our clients. And it is since we started our business in 2010. Also, we have served more than 100 corperated customers. Furthermore, sometimes our clients are in face of thorny problems. In that case, we are always proactive in offering good solutions. For example, adjusting machine equipment and using more suitable material. Even more, our engineers keep improving until they’re satisfied.

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