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Why choose us?

Focus on customer satisfaction of our structural components production since 2010.

We specialize in the manufacture of structural components. And they include watch bands, silicone products, plastic parts and metal molds. What’s more, we also produce many other finished products. Also, we can provide accessories with diverse materials. Furthermore, they are silicone material, plastic material, metal material and so on. Certainly, we can also produce finished products with those materials. For example, we have many featured products. Until now, we have supplied pet tracker, smart watch, silicone watch strap and so on.

Of course, you can customize structural members and services. Because we try our best to meet the specific needs of your industry. And all our products are supplied cost-effectively. Above all, our engineers will follow up the whole manufacturing process. And they can solve all problems on site. Because we only need a shorter manufacturing lead time than peers. As a result, our customers can benefit from the order turnaround time. Above all, the resource and expertise of us will help to support your business. Certainly, we can help with design, sample and the mass production of your order.

Our Energetic Team

We have been serving many famous customers with a young and vigorous team.

We have over 200 staff. Of course, the team includes 18 senior managers and 27 technical staff. What’s more, 35 quality inspectors and other workers. In general, our quality team consists of quality engineer, assurance, and control. Even more, most our engineers have over ten years experience in fields. Above all, they will work with you closely. Finally, they will develop cost-effective solutions.


We devote ourselves to technical and products innovation. And our mission is realizing customer satisfaction, even exceeding their expectation.

Windy Wei, CEO
Graduated from Wuhan University. As a result, to win the appreciation of the market, you should first improve team’s service awareness.

Simon Liao, COO
15 years industry working experience. Generally, let the professional people to do the professional thing. And we can help you save time, save money.

Frank Lee, CTO
The key of judging a company is to see what the finance department is up to. For us, not a single detail is to be omitted.

Jason Lee, CFO
For a product, it’s either 100 or 0.” We continue to pursue product upgrading and technology innovation. Finally, we win by quality!

Mason Lee, CQO
Get a business degree from Wuhan University. From the customer’s point of view, we care about every detail and offer considerable service.

Chris Lau, CMO

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