How to choose the best silicone wedding band in 5 minutes?


Silicone wedding band has become the mainstream of the social market. The various types of silicone rings on the market are dazzling. But, market prices and competition trends have changed in recent years. The silicone Product phenomenon which actually occurs is quite mixed. The gap between product prices level and sales volume is surprising. So that consumers who buy an inferior rubber band can't do anything. What is the difference between the good and bad wedding rings? How to choose the best silicone wedding ring? What is silicone jewelry Silicone jewelry is a silicone product made from [...]

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How do silicone manufacturers make molds


1. Silicone rubber material properties Silicone properties mainly include these aspects. 1.1 Types of silicone rubber Firstly, silicone material is a kind of elastomer material. It's gelatinous, colorless, translucent and odourless. According to the difference of physical property, we can divide the silicone rubber material into two types. It's solid silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber. Generally speaking, we mainly use solid silicone for products with die forming process. For example, custom silicone case, silicone keypad, and so on. As for clear liquid silicone, its featured liquid silicone rubber products include silicone nipple, silicone foam tube, and so on. 1.2 [...]

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