How to choose the best silicone wedding band in 5 minutes?

//How to choose the best silicone wedding band in 5 minutes?

Silicone wedding band has become the mainstream of the social market. The various types of silicone rings on the market are dazzling. But, market prices and competition trends have changed in recent years. The silicone Product phenomenon which actually occurs is quite mixed. The gap between product prices level and sales volume is surprising. So that consumers who buy an inferior rubber band can’t do anything.

What is the difference between the good and bad wedding rings? How to choose the best silicone wedding ring?

colorful silicone wedding band

What is silicone jewelry

Silicone jewelry is a silicone product made from 100% silicone raw materials. We can use it as an ornament, but it can also represent a culture, a symbol. For example, the silicone hand straps in street basketball are popular in black culture. Because they do not have uniforms in street basketball games, they are playing on the upper body to distinguish the two teams. They began to use silicone bracelets with different colors. The silicone hand strap has evolved into a very popular ornament in life.

The silicone hand color is bright and beautiful. The factory can make him a color that is visible to the naked eye. It is stylish and generous, does not fade, is not afraid of water, is not afraid of wrinkles, and is inexpensive. The product can be screen printed and gravure. The factory can make the rubber bracelet shine. It also has a long service life, soft texture, novel style, and does not irritate the skin of the hands.

The majority of commercial home silicone jewelry is used as a gift and promotional items. Because this is their best choice. Consumers use them for various casinos and gifts between friends. Because silicone jewelry can add LOGO, silk screen, gravure. Consumers can use it as a good souvenir to collect. It is also suitable for gift promotion in advertising. Smart watch manufacturers in China use slicone straps for the watch band.

cool silicone wedding band

Why choose rubber wedding bands

Now young people are pursuing active lifestyles. The wedding band made of medical grade silicone is very popular.

General wedding bands are likely to cause a tight ring avulsion. But silicone wedding band is comfort fit.

Rings for women are no longer single, rings for men are no longer bulky.

Womens silicone wedding band could be Lovely, colorful, comfortable, shining, but not slip.

Mens silicone wedding band could be cool, wild and suitable for your active lifestyle. Of course, silicone wedding rings support customization.

What is the problem of the Inferior quality silicone wedding band

First of all, the problem of mens silicone wedding band lies in the fact that the service life is not up to the rule. The yellowing smell is unpleasant. And the aging and soft fracture phenomenon are a common phenomena.

Jewelry manufacturer of silicone raw material used in the filler added causes this phenomenon. For example. The quality of white carbon black and the composition of ingredients are too low. But in the actual use of the process, there are unusual bad manifestations!

nice silicone wedding band

How to choose the best silicone wedding ring

Ask about mens silicone wedding band

Generally, there will be some technical problems while ordering. You don’t know whether silica gel can achieve tensile strength in quality parameters. And you may also learn its long-term maintenance, aging rate, and service life. We don’t dare to say that the silicone has a 100% life. But there can be a standard of the service life to be thirty to fifty years. Followed by product testing certification standards and so on!Please remember to ask questions about these aspects!

Smell the mens silicone wedding band

The smell is a drawback of silicone material. But in general, after the second sulfur deodorization, mens silicone wedding band manufacturers have no major problems. So when there is a serious pungent pungency, it proves that there is a problem with the vulcanizing agent used in the product. The manufacturer did not bake the product to taste.

Check womens silicone wedding band quality

Black spot impurities are the basic standard. It depends on the size of the jewelry and the size of the black spot impurities. Followed by the size of the product’s parting line, it depends the quality of the womens silicone wedding band. The thickness of the raw edge shows the precision of the mold, whether the product has an inner wind and the phenomenon of drum kits, etc.

The above methods are still almost the same. We recommend you to cut the inside of the product to find the smell of the product. Black spots, wind, and product clamping lines. The product can also determine the structure and hardness of the product, and the degree of color darkness, etc.

When you are not sure what the product is, you can only burn the product to determine whether it is a silicone material. Generally, it will generate white smoke when the silicone product burns. And the dust will be pure white after burning. Powder and the smoke have no pungent smell. Other PVC, TPU, TPR, and other similar silica material generates irritating odor upon combustion. Smoke and dust will have a black color.

colorful Womens silicone wedding band

Why is your mens silicone wedding band deformed?

Why it happend 

Everyone knows every industry processing needs to catch up. The silicone rubber products industry is no exception. So the short processing time has become the main factor that this product deformation will not be soft. When the mold release time is too early in the high-temperature vulcanization process. The silicone bracelet such thinner products will definitely appear soft. Thus, many silica gel manufacturers do not consider the time to be reduced at the time of processing. But in the case of rushing capacity. Reduce the time of product release and cause the product to become soft and unfamiliar!

Whats the problem

Followed by the reasons for raw materials and vulcanizers. Sometimes, due to the error in the formulation of the silica gel raw material. The stretch resilience of the product is not enough. The product has a large deviation in the formulation of raw materials and does not rebound. Secondly, the fixing effect of the vulcanizing agent is good or bad. Whether the vulcanizing agent is mixed with the rubber compound. Whether the proportion is symmetrical. The similar one  may involve the tensile resilience of the product!

Mens silicone wedding band

The above several reasons are caused by the deformation and stretching of the silicone product. The main factors of bad products such as soft products. In addition to the silicone ring, thinner products and thin strips will have a similar phenomenon!

So, it is more important to master certain quality identification techniques.For example, the quality of the product and whether the reaction before and after the processing conforms to the normal phenomenon is important. Some downstream silica processing companies have a situation. They know that the raw materials are different but still adhere to them. As long as you can use on the line. So still have to remind you not to be cheap, you must go to the formal channel or you will lose more!

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