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Project Description

1. Plastic enclosures

There are many different kinds of plastic enclosures. As plastic products manufacturers all know, they include large plastic shell and small plastic case. For example, medical beauty equipment shell and large instrument ABS plastic shell are large. Also, watch case, phone case and casing of the plasticizer box are small. Therefore, what can customers choose when they customize the plastic case?

The color of plastic enclosures.

Firstly, they can choose the color of plastic enclosures. Some people prefer green color, while others like gray. And maybe some clients think the pure color is beautiful, while other clients prefer combinations of different colors. Therefore, we Xuzhuo Industrial can professionally customize the color assortment of shell for our customers.

Raw material for plastic injection molding.

Secondly, clients can choose the raw material for plastic injection molding. There are many kinds of injection molding plastic materials, including PVC, PC, PE, PP, ABS, LDPE, and so on. Also, the price of plastic materials is different. Therefore, our users can choose different die material according to the application of their products. For example, customer requirements that their products should be resistant to corrosion, high temperature, high pressure, wear and so on.

About the style

Thirdly, they can choose the style. We Xuzhuo Industrial is a professional manufacturer of custom plastic shell. Therefore, it is not surprising that we go on the plastic production process according to the product drawings provided by our customer. Most customers will talk to their cooperating custom plastic parts manufacturers about their own plastic part design guide requirements. Such as dimension, whether to add logos, and so on. And then our professional designers know how to design plastic parts. Certainly, they will use CAD, PRO/E and other modern methods to start the plastic product design of the appearance and structure functions. Of course, customers can also provide the product drawings designed by the company itself. And then they let the plastic shell manufacturers carry out the plastic product manufacturing process with the drawing.

Professional service and advanced production equipment

Fourthly, clients can choose professional service and advanced production equipment. Imported high-precision CNC machine, automatic plastic vacuum forming machine, CNC three-dimensional engraving machine and other high-end production equipment is indispensable. What’s more, plastic products manufacturers should make the plastic production with the handmade precision production methods. Above all, these are conditions of customizing plastic shell.

For many years, Xuzhuo Industrial has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Concentrate on professionalism, attention, and focus”. And we are with the company aim of “Honesty for Business, Quality First, Service Foremost”. Xuzhuo always keeps pace with the development of science and thermoforming technology. What’s more, we constantly introduce advanced manufacturing equipment and advanced plastic production line techniques at home and abroad. Regardless of whether customers have samples or drawings or only concepts and ideas, we can design and manufacture satisfactory plastic products according to their needs. What’s more, we can make the functionality, aesthetics and structural rationality of the plastic products highly uniform.

1.1 Plastic shell of lamps and lanterns

In general, the heat generated by traditional light sources is pretty high. Therefore, LED manufacturers always use metal or glass which have good heat resistance as lamp body. With the development of light source technology, low fever, high light efficiency and long life light source are becoming more and more mature. Such as cold cathode light source, LED light source, plasma cold light source and so on. And there are more and more materials we can use for lamp.

Nowadays, polymer materials have been widely used in the shell of lamps and lanterns. Because they have many advantages. For example, good light permeability, strong water resistance, difficult to break, easy to form, easy coloring, light weight, low price and so on. Generally speaking, the polymer materials used for lamp shell in the market are mainly as follows. Modified polyvinyl chloride alloy (PVC alloy), polycarbonate (PC), polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA- acrylic), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene (PE). And there are some advantages and disadvantages of different polymer materials used in lamp housings.

1.1.1 PVC alloy

On the one hand, PVC alloy advantages are as follows.
A.Good chemical stability. As china plastic products manufacturers all know, PVC alloy is good at acid and chemical corrosion resistance. And its chemical stability of all the injection molded plastic materials is the best.

B.Excellent flame retardancy. There is halogen of chlorine element in PVC plastics, which is an excellent flame retardant element.

C.Long life. The PVC has good chemical stability. Therefore, even in outdoor use it will not be aging. And its outdoor service life can be more than 20 years. Certainly, it has the longest life of all plastic injection molding materials.

D.Good resistance to low temperature. PVC alloy is a mixture of PVC resin and low temperature resistant synthetic materials. Therefore, this improves the PVC alloy property of low temperature resistance. And its normal using temperature can be low to -30℃.

E.Good bonding with glue. The polarity of PVC is strong and the usual adhesives also have very strong polarity. So the combination of the these two materials is good. Waterproofing and tightness of plastic products are particularly good when plastic products manufacturer does waterproofing treatment.

On the other hand, PVC alloy disadvantages are as follows.
A.Its transparence and wear resistance are less than PMMA and PC.
B.Processing formability is less than PE, PS and PMMA.
C.It doesn’t have good resistance to high temperature. And it can only be used under the temperature of 70℃.

1.1.2 PC

On the one hand, PC advantages are as follows.
A.Good resistance to high temperature and low temperature. As we custom plastic parts manufacturers all know, it can be used for a long time between -60℃ and 120℃. Also, it’s the best high and low temperature resistant plastic for all injection molding plastic materials.
B.Shock resistance. And it has good strength of stretch, bend, and compress.
C.Good transparency.

On the other hand, PC disadvantages are as follows.
A.It doesn’t have pretty good resistance to ultraviolet radiation, strong alkali, oxidizing acid and organic solvents. Therefore, it’s easy to aging in outdoor use.
B.Easy to hydrolyze. When the PC material products contact with water in a long time, it’s easy to hydrolyze and crack. As a result, it’s especially not suitable for outdoor and humid environment.
C.Poor fatigue strength. It’s easy to produce stress cracking. And it is not suitable for its long-term pressure, tension and other forces while using PC. Otherwise it is easy to crack.
D.High cost. The PC performance in plastic parts manufacturing process is poor and the processing cost is high. What’s more, the price of PC is expensive and its cost is high.

1.1.3 PMMA

On the one hand, PMMA advantages are as follows.
A.Excellent transparency. It is beneficial to light transmission and makes a beautiful appearance of lamps and lanterns.
B.Good wear resistance. As we all know, it has the best wear resistance of all injection molding plastic materials.
C.Good resistance to high and low temperature.
D.Good processing performance and low cost.

On the other hand, PMMA disadvantages are as follows.
A.Room temperature vermicular degeneration. Even under the normal using circumstance, the lamp plastic housing may deform.
B.Poor flame retardancy. It’s a kind of combustible raw material for plastic injection molding. It may cause serious fire accidents if we use PMMA to produce lamp plastic case.
C.Stress cracking phenomenon. Therefore, cracks will occur when the pressure or tension is long.
D.Poor hardness. It’s not convenient to transport and stock after plastic components manufacturers process the PMMA material into plastic housing.
E.Poor oxidation and UV resistance performance. Aging and cracking phenomenon may occur in outdoor long term use.

1.1.4 PVC

On the one hand, PVC advantages are as follows.
A.Good chemical stability. PVC plastic products have good performance of chemical corrosion, acid and alkali resistance.
B.Excellent flame retardancy. There is a halogen of chlorine element in PVC plastic products which is an excellent flame retardant element. Hence, PVC plastic has the best flame retardancy among all injection molded plastic materials.
C.Long service life. It won’t be aging even in the long term outdoor use. And if the using temperature is also proper, then its service life can be long up to more than 20 years.
D.Good light transmittance and bonding property with glue as PVC alloy.

On the other hand, PVC disadvantages are as follows.
A.Low tolerance to high and low temperature. The PVC plastic products can only be used under the temperature range from -5℃ to 65℃. As a result, it limit the use scope of PVC plastic products.
B.Poor shock resistance, stretch, bend, and compress strength. Therefore, it’s easy to be damaged during transportation and use.
C.Poor transparency and wear resistance.

1.1.5 Plastic enclosures conclusions

To sum up, we have many selections of polymer materials in the plastic shell of the lamps and lanterns. We take many comprehensive factors into considerations. For example, flame retardancy, light transmittance, strength, service life, cost, and so on. Above all, the most suitable raw material for plastic injection molding which has the best comprehensive performance should be reinforced modified PVC alloy. And then PC, PMMA, or PVC. In principle, China plastic products manufacturers don’t use PS or PE as lamp housing material.

During the injection molding process of PVC alloy, plastic products manufacturers would better use stainless steel material for barrel and screw. And we need to do antirust treatment for plastic mold parts and enlarge the pouring port properly. Correspondingly, if we produce plastic extruded products, our injection molding process technician will do antirust treatment for barrel, screw, and mold.

At present, the plastic casings market is mixed. And many plastic parts manufacturers choose the inferior polymer materials to reduce the cost. In this case, there may be many problems of plastic casings in less than one year. For example, fissures, deformations, discoloration and so on. What’s more serious, some lighting manufacturers choose flammable raw material for plastic injection molding to produce lamps and lanterns, which may easily cause fire accidents.

And there is a great misunderstanding in the selection of plastic varieties and brands. It is considered that the choice of expensive injection molded plastic materials can produce high quality lamp housing. In fact, the selection of plastic injection molding materials must be different for different lamps and different use occasions. As a polymeric material for the shell of the lamp, its performance is not the same. Therefore, plastic parts manufacturer should choose the material scientifically.

1.2 Plastic case of medical equipment

The material of plastic parts manufacturing for medical equipment shell is diverse. For example, ABS plastic products, PP(polyethylene plastic products), PE(Poly Ethylene products), stainless steel, carbon steel and so on. So what are the characteristics of these materials for injection molding? What issues do they have to pay attention to in their thermoforming applications?

1.2.1 ABS plastic products

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) resin is a kind of thermoforming plastic. And it has high strength, good toughness, and is easy to process and form a mold. Therefore, plastic components manufacturers usually use it for manufacturing plastic parts of instrument shell. As we all know, ABS is a general-purpose thermoforming engineering plastic developed in the 1940s. And it is a plastic product with excellent mechanical properties. Furthermore, it not only has good rigidity, hardness and processing fluidity, but also has high toughness characteristics. Therefore, we can use it during injection molding process, extrusion process and plastic thermoforming process. Generally speaking, plastic auto parts manufacturers produce most car parts with plastics injection molding method.

The advantages of ABS resin are that it has good erosion resistance, sound insulation, scratch resistance and heat resistance. And ABS plastic products are more beautiful than polyethylene plastic products. As plastic moulded products manufacturers all know, it’s easy to process ABS resin. What’s more, ABS plastic products have good processing dimension stability and surface gloss. Even more, it’s easy to spray and color the ABS plastic. Finally, it also has secondary processing performance of spray metal plating welding and bonding.

1.2.2 Polyethylene plastic products

Polypropylene is obtained by addition polymerization of propylene. Therefore, polypropylene also includes copolymer of propylene and a small amount of ethylene. In general, the PP is translucent colorless solid, odorless and non-toxic. Because the structure is regular, its melting point can be as high as 167℃. First of all, its outstanding advantages are heat resistance, corrosion resistance and you can disinfect the plastic products with steam. Also, it has the lowest density and it’s the lightest general-purpose plastic. Its disadvantages are poor low-temperature impact resistance and easier aging. However, it can be overcome by modification.

1.3 Plastic watch case

1.3.1 Plastic watch case introduction

Watch cases are now common products. As we manufacturers of plastic products all know, its role is relatively large. It’s the housing part of the watch body. In general, we divide the watch case according to the raw material. For example, there are some common materials of stainless steel, tungsten steel, ceramics, titanium alloy, aluminum, copper, plastic material, etc. Another, there are some less common materials of wooden case, iron case, fiber case, sterling silver case, pure gold or K gold case.

The plastic watch case is just like the body of human beings. And it not only directly cares for the “viscera” of the watch, but also determines the performance index of the watch to a large extent. For example, water-resistant ATM, dust resistance, magnetic performance, seismic performance, and so on. Furthermore, the watch case also controls the appearance of the watch body. Generally speaking, the plastic watch shell is the outer shell part of watch body. And its function is to contain and protect the inner watch parts. Such as machine core, dial, watch hands and so on. What’s more, the watch parts which are closely connected to the plastic case include table mirror, bottom cover, watch crown and so on.

plastic parts

1.3.2 Plastic watch case processing

Plastic watch case is the outer shell of watch body. Also, it has many functions and its usability is also good. After the polishing and chasing process, the surface of watch case will be pretty bright. Finally, the plastic part manufacturing process includes these three parts.

Firstly, it’s mill processing. As China plastic products manufacturers all know, we always use the mill to process the appearance. Also, the polishing is the core technology of high-end watches. Therefore, it requires that the operator has rich experience. Secondly, it’s machine processing. Nowadays, the CNC processing technology is pretty popular. And it has the highest technical content. Thirdly, it’s cutting processing. Certainly, before the cutting process, we should check many things. For example, check whether the embryo is OK, the margin is enough, and there is core excursion. Therefore, we can find the problem from the source. And when we find it, we know that some problems can be solved.

First of all, let’s talk about the turning lathe. It’s a machine that the cutting tool don’t move and the spindle with work piece rotate. Of course, this kind of plastic part manufacturing method has many advantages. For example, it has better smooth finishing degree, the processing speed is fast and the efficiency is high. And for the convenience of later polishing and processing, manufacturers of plastic products try to use the turning lathe to process as much as possible. Generally speaking, most of round shell uses the lathe to process. As for the square shell, we sometimes use special fixture and then we can also use the lathe to process.

2. Automotive plastic parts

2.1 Features of plastic for automobile

The main characteristics of the polymer automotive materials are as follows.

2.1.1 Light weight

Firstly, it has light weight. One of the most outstanding advantages of polymer automotive materials is its light weight and high strength properties. Because the average weight of all kinds of plastic injection molding materials is only 15%-20% of ordinary steel. Also it’s lighter than ordinary wood. This characteristic has special advantages for high-grade large saloon cars, and can reduce a lot of self weight.

2.1.2 Good processing performance

Secondly, it has good processing performance. Because the polymer automotive materials have good plasticity and compatibility performance with other materials. We can use various modern molding process machines. And we use the extrusion, plastics injection molding, rolling process, molding, injection blow molding process and other methods. Therefore, automotive plastic parts manufacturers can produce painting plastic auto parts of different shapes, properties, colors and functions.

2.1.3 Excellent physical and chemical properties

Thirdly, it has excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties. Another, one advantage of polymer automotive materials is that they have multiple functions. Therefore, we can use it in many different special occasions. Also, injection molded plastic materials have good insulation performance, excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance. What’s more, good wear and wash ability resistance, good waterproof and mechanical properties, and good bonding properties. As a result, they are processed into various internal and external auto decorations that require various performances and functions.

plastic parts

2.1.4 Excellent decorative effect

Fourthly, it has excellent decorative effect. As we manufacturers of plastic products all know, it can be processed into a product with complex shapes and colors at a time. Sometimes the customer has the requirement of painting plastic auto parts, and film coating, ginning, compound layer, coloring, etc. And then we make the plastic injection molding materials be a very realistic image, figure, and pattern. Furthermore, we can imitate the texture of natural wood, metal and animal skin. What’s more, we can also do surface gold stamping, film sticking, silver plating, mosaic and so on.

2.1.5 Energy saving and environmental protection

Injection molded plastic materials can replace a large number of natural materials. Therefore, we can accordingly save a large amount of resources. Furthermore, it plays a role of protecting forest and stone resources. Also, it won’t destroy more ecological environment, has the social and environmental significance of energy saving. At the same time, it’s convenient for injection molding plastic materials processing and molding. Therefore, the energy needed to manufacture polymer vehicles is much less than that of natural materials that process to the same function. In general, we use the thermoform plastic for producing automotive plastic parts. We can easily recycle the waste material and directly reproduce it. Finally, it makes polymer vehicle materials on sustainable production road of cleaner plastic production.

plastic parts

2.2 Automotive plastic parts applications

Automobile plastic products can be divided into interior parts, external parts and functional structural parts according to their use positions. At present, many general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics and their reinforced plastics can be used to replace steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials to different extents. And we use them to produce car structure or internal and external fittings.

First of all, we widely use polyurethane foam plastics for producing automotive interior decorations and parts which absorb vibration. And its main plastic products are dashboard, rear view frame, bumper, seat cushion, headrest, steering wheel and so on. Another, many auto parts are made by engineering plastics. The common parts include radiator grille, air filter shell, trunk lid, instrument panel, crankcase cover, timing gear, timing gear lid, fender and so on. Last but not least, plastic products manufacturers begin to use composite plastic materials such as SMC and DX to produce automobile structural parts.

plastic parts

3. Plastic toys

Plastic toy is a kind of toys. And it’s more suitable for children when comparing with other materials. As we small plastic parts manufacturer all know, the main component of plastic toys is resin. In general, the main content of raw material for plastic injection molding toys is polymer resin. Then we add various auxiliary materials or additives. Furthermore, it has plasticity and fluidity under the certain temperature and pressure. Also, it can be molded into a certain shape and keep it in shape under a certain conditions.

plastic parts

3.1 Plastic properties

Firstly, the injection molding plastic materials will expand when we heat it. And its linear expansion coefficient is much larger than metal. Secondly, the stiffness of plastic injection molding materials is an order of magnitude lower than that of metal. Thirdly, the mechanical properties of injection molded plastic materials will decrease obviously in the long heating time. Fourthly, the permanent deformation of plastic materials will occur. Certainly it’s in the case that it has a long term stress under normal temperature and below the stress of its yield strength.

Fifthly, the raw material for plastic injection molding is sensitive to notch damage. Sixthly, the mechanical properties of plastic materials are usually much lower than those of metals. However, some composite plastic materials have higher specific strength and higher modulus than metal. Therefore, if we design the plastic product properly, it will be more advantageous. Seventhly, some plastics absorb moisture and cause changes in size and performance. Eighthly, some plastic injection molding materials are flammable. Ninthly, the fatigue data of plastic materials is still very few. Therefore, we should consider the raw material for plastic injection molding according to their using requirements.

3.2 Why choosing Xuzhuo Industrial

Firstly, we provide plastic products with high cost performance. We have factory and complete equipment. And professional quality and good factory price are our core competitiveness. Secondly, the professional management team and the advanced production equipment are the strong guarantee for our quality plastic products. Thirdly, we provide one stop solution of plastic product design, plastic production, processing, delivery and so on.


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