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Project Description

1. Liquid silicone rubber and solid silicone

There are two different kinds of silicone, liquid silicone, and solid silicone. And they are different in many aspects of silicone production and application.

1.1 Silicone appearance

Firstly, silicone manufacturers can distinguish them from their appearance. Apparently, one is liquid and the other is solid. One the one hand, the liquid silicone rubber lsr compound is liquid and has liquid silicone rubber properties of fluidity. As rubber silicone manufacturers all know, it is a kind of high transparent and safe food grade material. During the forming process of liquid silicone rubber products, liquid silicone suppliers don’t add auxiliary materials of vulcanizing agents and so on. And the liquid silicone rubber was formed in the condition of the seal. On the other hand, solid silicone prototypes are solid state and have no fluidity. Also, it’s a kind of transparent environmental protection material. During the forming process of solid silicone, it needs to add a vulcanizing agent to speed up the silicone molding process. What’s more, it’s formed in an open environment.

1.2 Silicone rubber applications

Secondly, clear liquid silicone and solid silicone rubber are also different in the field of use. Generally speaking, part designs of silicone manufacturers usually use silicone rubber liquid for baby products, kitchen supplies, and medical supplies, which directly touch the food and human body. And rubber silicone manufacturers use solid silicone for household goods, industrial miscellaneous parts, and auto injection molded parts.

1.3 Thermoforming process

The full name of LSR silicone is liquid silicone rubber, which can be formed by silicone injection molding tooling. And the vulcanizing equipment of liquid silicone molding is an injection molding machine. Injection molding machines have many advantages of simple technical process, high precision of silicone products and high silicone production parts capacity. And they can produce all high temp silicone products.

Firstly, During the injection molding process, there is no need for the manual process of dosing, milling, cutting and setting silicone materials, which are necessary for high temp silicone process. And silicone rubber products manufacturer only needs an injection molding process technician to take the products. Secondly, machine operation will replace all manual program before silicone injection molding. Thirdly, the silicone molding process can be short for only a few seconds while mixing the A/B glue.

The solid silicone molding material is pieces of solid. After the operation of mixing mill, we use the cutting machine to cut the suitable size and thickness of silicone products and injection molds. Then, we put the custom silicone molded parts in, and use the pressure forming machine to form a mold under a certain temperature. And the mold release process of silicone products is about the same as plastic products, which also needs to clean custom injection molds.

silicone products

2. Silicone products introduction

Besides for silicone watch band, other silicone component products we usually see include custom silicone wristbands, o ring seal, silicone gasket, custom silicone case, silicone keypad, and ear pad covers, etc.

2.1 Silicone wristband

The main material of silicone bracelet is liquid silicone rubber. And its main production process is as follows.

2.1.1 Engraved silicone wristbands.

This kind of rubber wristbands is directly formed after the silicone bracelet manufacturer carves the words in the silicone bangle bracelet mold. As we liquid silicone suppliers all know, we need to open a silicone bangle bracelet mold for it. Therefore, we suggest that our clients whose demand is not too large don’t adopt the engraved silicone bracelet. In general, we divide it into two different types, embossed silicone wristbands, and debossed silicone wristbands. And as a professional silicone wristband manufacturer, Xuzhuo Industrial knows how to engrave silicone wristbands.

2.1.2 Imprinted silicone bracelets.

It’s a kind of silicone bracelet that is free of mold cost. However, if the customer needs special silicone wristband sizes, then the silicone bracelet maker also needs to open a liquid silicone mold. Generally speaking, we divide printed silicone bracelets into multicolor screen printing, monochrome screen printing, and multicolor overprinting. What’s more, it’s a kind of silicone bracelet with short production time.

2.1.3 Multi color silicone wristbands.

This kind of silicone wristband adds a color process on the basis of type A. And it has an effect of standing out the logo. What’s more, it can strengthen the propaganda consciousness of the logo.

2.1.4 Segmented silicone bracelet.

It uses different silicone material and they are formed at the same time. And each color segment has a different color, which makes custom silicone wristbands more attractive.

2.1.5 Camo silicone bracelets.

It uses many different color silicone material and mixes them during the rubber milling process. Then put them into the custom silicone mold and start the vulcanization process. Silicone bracelets have a variety of colors after the thermoforming process. Therefore, they are popular among young women and men.

2.1.6 Glow in the dark silicone bracelets.

We add some fluorescent powder into the silicone material and mix them during the milling process. The forming glow in the dark silicone bracelets is the same as ordinary silicone bracelets. We can see the fluorescent effect only in the evenings, and they have a red light, green light, and blue light. Glow in the dark silicone bracelets is more noticeable at night.

2.2 Silicone o rings

2.2.1 Silicone seal properties

We can long term use them under the silicone o ring temperature range from -60℃ to +200℃. And the silicone rubber rings have a much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber o ring. It’s one of good silicone o ring properties. In general, the users can always use the silicone rubber o-ring under the high tempo rings of 150℃. They can use the silicone o ring for about 10000 hours with the high temperature o rings of 200℃. And silicon o ring can be used for a while under the extremely high temperature o rings of 350℃. They are widely used in situations requiring heat resistance. For example, hot water bottle silicone seal ring, pressure cooker ring heat resistant handle and so on.

Silicone rubber properties of cold endurance are also great. And the silicone elastomer properties are still great under the low temperature o ring material of -60℃ to -70℃. What’s more, some specially formulated silicone rubber can withstand extremely low temperatures, such as low temperature o rings.

2.2.2 Silicone rubber rings applications

Generally speaking, what are silicone o rings used for? They mainly include these four aspects.

Firstly, we can use silicone rubber rings for o ring seal products on mechanical equipment. For example, silicone orings have a property of moisture absorption and rust prevention while using medical equipment, instruments, and facility, etc. Secondly, the silicone seal is a kind of food grade sealing material. Therefore, we can design the clear silicone o rings for baby feeding nipple and other o ring supply that directly touches the human body.

Thirdly, silicone o rings are a common material of making the blood pump. Fourthly, we can use the o ring seal with ordinary silica gel desiccant. In this circumstance, it can indicate the moisture absorption of the desiccant and determine the relative humidity of the environment. As a packaging silicone desiccant, the o-ring seal is widely used on precision instruments, leather, clothing, food, medicine, and household appliances. Silicone rubber for consumer products and heat resistant food grade silicone also good.

silicone products

2.3 Silicone gasket

Custom silicone manufacturers divide the silicone gaskets into three main types according to silicone properties and different application areas. Thermal conductive silicone pads, silicone gasket, and insulation silicon pads.

2.3.1 Electrically conductive gasket

Silicone uses of conductive gaskets are mainly in the electronic industries. And it uses high performance thermal conductivity material. This electrically conductive silicone rubber compression mold can eliminate air gaps, and then improve the overall heat transfer capability. So that the device can normally work under the lower temperature silicone gasket material. When we use the gasket silicone on industrial machinery, they always work for buffering or strengthening. And the industrial high temperature gasket material has an effect on skid resistance, shock resistance, anti-static electricity, and high temperature resistance. Therefore, the electrically conductive gasket can better protect the machine and decrease the loss.

2.3.2 Anti-skid silicone padding

Anti-skid silicone padding manufacturers are mature during the gasket manufacturing process. We provide custom gaskets, use the corresponding assembly master and process them according to the shape. In general, we use different silicone material and additional agents to meet the requirement of the different using environment. Also, we adopt different colors and silicone hardness to adjust product development of appearance and comfortable feeling performance.

2.3.3 Cup silicone gasket

In a general way, we use the cup silicone gasket in household goods. Silicone gasket material not only has properties of heat insulation and skip resistance but also is a kind of creative decoration. The custom gasket is made of food grade silicone gasket material and can match with diverse kinds of cups to use. As we all know, the great inherent heat resistance property of high temp gasket material can protect the table from burns. And the exquisite appearance of extruded silicone gasket can not only embellish the colorful life but also has the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation.

Xuzhuo Industrial, as a silicone gasket manufacturer, uses oil press machine to finish the high temperature gasket material vulcanization shaping process. And the high heat gasket material is environmental and non-poisonous. Therefore, it is one of the most advantageous silicone products which accords with the modern society environmental protection concept. Also, the silicone cup mat is fashionable and can be optionally turned over to change different molding. We can expand the use and the silicone gaskets application can be diverse cup dimensions. When we are enjoying the hot drink, it can be free to place the silicone gasket and a hot drink on the table. Because the silicone gasket temperature range from -40℃ to 220℃, and the high quality silicone rubber gasket material don’t hurt the table top.

2.4 Silicone case

2.4.1 Silicone case function

The custom silicone case is a kind of silicone gift of silicone products. Xuzhuo Industrial, as one of the professional silicone manufacturers, can produce many kinds of silicone covers. Such as silicone lid covers, silicone cup cover, hoverboard silicone cover, silicone nipples covers and so on.
As we all know, the application of custom silicone case is pretty wide. For example, custom silicone phone case, silicone lighter case, silicone jelly case, silicone cigarette case cover and so on. The silicone material is a kind of elastomer material, and it’s soft. We can use the silicone VS hard case as big silicone phone cases. And the main function of custom silicone phone case includes these five aspects.
Firstly, custom silicone phone cases can prevent the hard object from leaving scratches on the phone’s screen or fuselage. Secondly, we can print all kinds of colors and patterns on the big silicone phone cases. For example, silicone animal phone cases, rabbit silicone case, hello kitty silicone case and so on. Xuzhuo Industrial, as one of the silicone cell phone case manufacturers, we know how to print on silicone phone case. Thirdly, silicone remote cover can prevent scratches from a long time touch between fingernail and keypad switch. Certainly, then it can protect the screen and silicone keypad.
Fourthly, the custom silicone phone case is skid proof. And its touch feeling is soft and quality is pretty great. Fifthly, some big silicone phone cases also have an effect of enhancing the phone signal. As we all know, when some phone cases touch a metal object, then a magnetic field forms and it will disturb the phone signal. Therefore, if we put our phones on custom insulating silicone phone cases, they can enhance the signal.

2.4.2 Silicone case manufacturing process

The silicon back cover uses high temperature silicone rubber as the main raw material. And it’s a kind of silicone rubber products which is made by dying press, and vulcanization silicone molding process. In general, ordinary silicon back cover production needs to go through the following steps.
A.Raw material preparation. In general, this process includes rubber mixing, color matching, weight calculation of silicone material and so on.

B.Vulcanization molding(Hydraulic molding). In common, silicone product manufacturers adopt high pressure vulcanization equipment. And then through the high temperature vulcanization process, we make the silicone molding material be solid state.

C. Trimming. After the demolding process, there are some rough selvage and chad on silicone products. Certainly, we need to remove them. And in the industry, silicone rubber manufacturers always finish this process manually. Also, there is some silicone company that finishes it by a punch press machine.

D. Screen printing. It’s applicable for some custom silicone phone case which has surface patterns. For example, black silicone case. And for the user convenience of keypad operation, we always need to print words on the corresponding position of silicone parts.

E. Surface treatment. It mainly means that removing dust with an air gun.

F. Oil injection. As we all know, liquid injection molding capabilities silicone rubber products easily absorb dust from the air in the ordinary state. And they are always sticky silicone material. However, we can spray a thin layer of hand-feeling oil on the surface of the custom silicone parts case. Then it can to protect it from dust and feel.

G. Silicone parts is used in a wide range fields. For example. industries including medical, consumer goods and electronics industries.

2.5 Silicone keypad

The keypad design guide is as follows. At first, we keypad manufacturers conduct the keypad design with full sealing. Therefore, the silicon keypad is waterproof, dustproof, oil proof, and has acid and alkali resistance. Also, we can use it in any hostile environment, sterilize it and wash it in the water. Xuzhuo Industrial adopts a special keypad design and large silicone rubber keypad manufacturing process, which simplifies the inner structure of rubber keypad. What’s more, the silicone keypad colors are diverse, and it has distinct individuality. And our special surface treatment of silicone keypad can make the keywords never fall off and never fade the color.

Silicone keyboard is the main kind of silicone rubber products. The production technology of silicone remote cover is complex, and its manufacturing difficulty is pretty high. Above all, we mainly use silicon keypad for household appliances and related electronic industry. For example, television remote, air conditioner remote, VCD, DVD and so on.

First of all, silicone keypad manufacturer uses silicone elastic. And it is poisonless, tasteless and environmentally friendly. Also, silicone rubber properties of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and deformation resistance are great. Therefore, we can long term use these silicone rubber buttons and. Another, the surface of silicone keyboards is smooth and has a good touch feeling. What’s more, we can produce different colors of electronic silicone. Single color, double colors, three colors or mixing colors flexible keyboards. Finally, the logo on the silicone rubber keypads can be words, patterns or the combination of words and patterns.

2.6 Headphone covers

Earbud silicone covers are a common accessory for earphone electronic products. As we all know, earphone sleeve has the characteristics of comfort, ear fitting, close to music output mode and so on. It is one of the common earbud parts. And it adopts a design that matches the earbud tip sizes and shapes to release the music effect of the silicone earphones. In addition, the earbud silicone covers can protect the silicone earphones from dust, shock, drop, and prolong the life of the earphone. It’s easy to Produces custom a High volume production headphone covers.


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