What materials do watch band usually use?

//What materials do watch band usually use?

1. Different material watch straps comparison

1.1 Precious metal straps

First of all, the production process of the precious metal band watch is relatively exquisite. In general, watch strap makers use precious metal materials to produce smart watch, quartz watch and mechanical watch. For example, platinum, K gold, silver and so on. Therefore, the prices of watch metal bands are high. Also, they are usually used for luxury watch strap, such as watch band jewelry. Above all, precious metal straps are suitable for people with certain status to wear on more upscale occasions. Because it can not only make the person more temperament, but also reflect his status and quality.

1.2 Stainless steel watch bracelet

Steel straps are relatively moderate in price. Certainly, the watch steel strap with different price has different fineness and material. Therefore, they are suitable for watches of all grades. However, the stainless steel watch strap is relatively bulky. Thus, watch strap manufacturers always use it for mans watch. Of course, there is also stainless steel mesh watch band which is specially prepared for woman.

metal watch band

1.3 Leather strap

Generally speaking, the raw materials of leather straps are from animal skin. For example, alligator watch bands, lizard watch strap, ostrich watch strap, cow leather watch band and so on. The customers have so many different kinds of leather straps to choose. Certainly, their price differences are large. What’s more, we need to focus on these aspects while using luxury leather watch straps. As leather watch strap manufacturer all know, it’s difficult to maintain after their leather strap supplies. Therefore, the user should pay attention to moisture proof, anti-perspiration corrosion and avoid contact with corrosive substances.

1.4 Silicone watch band

Rubber straps for watches are made by room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber(RTV silicone) with different additives. For the reason that the silicone watch wristbands have good high and low temperature resistance, we can use the rubber dive strap from -90℃ to 300℃. At the same time, the watch silicone band has strong resistance to water and corrosion. Also, there is no bacteria on silicone wrist watch band. Finally, the most important thing is that custom silicone bands have several decades service life. Smart watch manufacturers in China always use silicone strap for their watch band. By the way, Xuzhuo Industrial CO.,LTD is a professional silicone band manufacturer.

leather watch band

1.5 Ceramic watch bands

As we all know, the surface of ceramic watch bands is smooth. Also, it is wear resistant, and won’t hurt the skin. While, the main component of ceramic watch strap is zirconium oxide. As a result, we can get good processing performance under a certain temperature. Then through the advanced manufacturing process, we can make it into beautiful watch case and quality watch straps. Also, we can process watch straps into various colors by special methods. Of course, it makes the watch strap look more magnificent and noble. While, high-tech ceramics use extremely fine zirconium oxide or titanium carbide powders as raw materials. After the high temperature injection molding into the metal mold, the powder forms a ceramic part in a sintering furnace with a high temperature of 1450℃.

1.6 Other watch strap material

Besides for the above mentioned materials, there are many other material watch straps. For example, alloy watch bands, manmade leather straps, canvas straps, nylon watch bands and so on.

ceramic watch strap

2. Silicone rubber properties of watch straps

2.1 Silicone watch band introduction

In general, we use liquid silicone rubber as raw material of silicone watch straps. As we liquid silicone suppliers all know, it has properties of environmental protection and high resilience. What’s more, it touches comfortable. Therefore, we use the liquid silicone to produce a lot of products. After we replace material watch strap with silicone liquid, it gives us a better feeling. Above all, there are following advantages of silicone material.

2.2 Silicone watch band advantages

Firstly, we can operate the color matching of liquid silicone rubber according to the client’s requirement. And there are diverse colors for you to choose. Secondly, the clear liquid silicone has good adsorptive ability. Also, silicone material has no toxic, no odor and is environmental. Therefore, it has no harm to human skin when we wear silicone bands. Thirdly, the liquid silicone is a kind of silicone elastomer. It’s uniform in texture, has a good tactile sensation, and has strong plasticity.

Furthermore, liquid silicone rubber products have resistance to slip, quake and water seepage. Also, they are difficult to age, color fading and easy to clean. Another, the silicone strap is durable, wear proof and has good tensile strength. In general, the use temperature of silicone band is from -40℃ to 230℃. Even after the baking and freezing process, the watch strap can still keep soft and won’t deform. Finally, the transparent silicone material can meet the FDA food grade inspection standard. And there are more and more watch strap manufacturers use liquid silicone rubber as raw material to produce silicone parts.

2.3 Conclusion

Silicone rubber watch bands are pressed by oil press machine with material of 100% pure natural liquid silicone. As we all know, the watch strap itself has certain tension and softness. Therefore, it can recover quickly after the deformation. Also, there are many other advantages of silicone rubber watch band. For example, wear, tear and high temperature resistance, no toxic, no taste, long service life and so on. In conclusion, silicone watch band is a kind of green and environmental accessories.

silicone watch band

3. How to maintain silicone watch bands?

Silicone watch strap is not only elegant and fashionable, but also soft and smooth. And it can bring warm and comfortable feeling to the wearer, especially during the winter. Silicone watch straps with careful production and elegant shape are always popular among watch aficionados. As they said, where the silicon watch straps attract them most is its conformity, comfort and environmentally friendly. As a result, we should pay attention to these problems while wearing silicone watch bands.

3.1 Summer use

In summer, it’s easy to sweat for the watch wearer. Then, the silicon watch band is not the best choice for us. Because once silicone bands are damaged, it will be pretty difficult to recover it. As a result, we can change into stainless steel watch straps in summer. And when the autumn comes, we can replace it with silicone strap. Thus, you can make the most of it. In general, the wearer should try to avoid letting the custom silicone bands touch water. Then how to clean silicone watch band? After wearing for a period of time, we need to use the toothpaste to clean it. Furthermore, we’d better spray a thin layer of hand oil. It can not only remove the stain and make watch band parts antistatic, but also make them shiny.

3.2 Long time use

Under the attack of sweat, the surface of silicone band is easily damaged. And for this case, the best maintenance method is cleaning, ventilating and keeping the watch bands dry. The silicone strap is easy to age after contacting with a large amount of sweat and air drying. Then, it will cause a difference in color where the skin comes in contact with short watch straps. Even more, it makes the skin feel itchy.

Of course, no matter how good silicone material and careful care cannot withstand the baptism of time. And the old silicone wrist can reduce the watch quality. Therefore, in general, the regular wearer has to take measures to avoid it. For example, changing the watch wristbands at least once in half a year or spraying silicone hand oil.

silicone watch band

3.3 Silicone bands aging

As we all know, silicone bands aging production is the biggest problem for watch strap wearer. When the silicone watch bands are aging, we can do something to slow this process. For example, applying a little soapy water to the toothbrush to quickly scrub the dirt on silicone rubber watch bands and wipe it with a damp cloth. And to avoid the infiltration of soapy water into the silicone, the entire process should preferably be completed within 20 seconds. In addition, customers can also spray some hand oil on the surface of silicone watch straps. Because it has a protective effect on silicone bands, and can make it glow new brilliance.

3.4 Avoid direct sunlight

As we all know, direct sunlight damage can cause irreversible damage to the interior of high end leather watch straps. Therefore, long time sunlight can also result in the metamorphic silicone bands. As a result, this is a place where we should pay attention to.

silicone watch band

3.5 Avoid wearing all the time

Also, don’t wear the silicone strap watch all the time. If circumstances permit, it is best to have two or more watch straps alternately worn. Because the silicone rubber material need to breathe. And the ventilating environment can extend the service life of silicone watch band. Therefore, it can not only reduce the risk of human injury, but also let the silicone strap watch get enough rest. In addition, silicone straps wear itself is also a process of constant wear and tear. So paying attention to some daily details is also a necessary maintain mode.

3.6 Silicone straps hardening

Silicone straps hardening is also a common symptom. When the silicone rubber strap is always under a moist environment, it will speed up its aging. And perspiration can also erode the silicone material properties, causing the strap to deform, harden or even break. Therefore, beside for the usual good maintenance, we can also take other measures. For example, it’s necessary to not go in watch wristband hardening it, timely replacement of watchband twists and turns.

silicone watch band

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